U.S. Premiere of CARMITA

  • Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Avenue New York, NY, 10003 United States

(Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas, Mexico/Dominican Republic, 2013, 80 min. In Spanish with English subtitles)

U.S. Premiere!

This film tells the story of Carmen Ignarra, the beautiful actress once known as “Cuba’s little princess,” who left the Caribbean island in the hopes of becoming a Hollywood star in the early 1950s. Her initial success was followed by a slow, painful decline as her jealous husband —a prominent Mexican producer—curtailed her career. Now 80 years old, Carmita lives forgotten in an old mansion in Monterrey, Mexico. Recounting her life to Guzmán, who is actively present onscreen, she talks about the past, wasted talent, and lost loves. Carmita echoes Sunset Boulevard and Grey Gardens, blurring the faint border between fiction and non-fiction.

Presented as part This screening is part of: 'If You Can Screen It There: Premiering Contemporary Latin American Cinema'