Lucrecia Martel: "Feminism Doesn’t Mean a Woman Starring in a Superhero Film’


Acclaimed Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel has severely questioned the recent trend in Hollywood of superhero movies and the box office in a public conversation she held this week in Barcelona, Spain, covered by several newspapers.

"Why do we need to tell war stories with horribly bad guys and jolly good guys?" she asks. "Wonder Woman is not going to save women from the dictatorship of having a wasp waist," she remarked, in addition to insisting that the silly feminist version of Hollywood is that the heroes have become heroines and with it the #Metoo problem has ostensibly been “solved.” "Why do the highest-grossing Marvel films have the word “War” in the title or a military reference with Captain America?" she posed.

As was widely reported, Martel met last year with Marvel executives to discuss the possibility of her directing the standalone superhero movie Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson.

Martel, whose latest film Zama was received to critical acclaim, was recently in New York City as she directed Björk’s newest show Cornucopia, which had a limited engagement at The Shed.