Designed with the goal of fomenting critical dialogue while serving as both an educational and promotional tool, the TropiChat series is a ground-breaking multi-platform project that combines interactive public events with traditional television programming and innovative web content.

The first component of the TropiChat series are the public events, presented in collaboration with some of New York's finest cultural institutions, they feature informal conversations between Latin American filmmakers covering a broad range of topics—from the work of a particular director to pressing issues facing the industry—while encouraging audience participation and interaction.

To date, Cinema Tropical has worked in collaboration with the New Museum, the Americas Society, the King Juan Carlos I Center at New York University, and The Museum of Modern Art, assuring access to a diverse audience and allowing increased exposure for both the participants and collaborating institutions.

Each TropiChat event features a renowned Latin American filmmakers working at the vanguard of national industries in the region. So far we've presented Argentinean directors Martín Rejtman (The Magic Gloves) and Daniel Burman (The Empty Nest), Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke (Lake Tahoe) as well as Brazilian director Bruno Barreto (Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands) and the late documentary master Eduardo Coutinho (Edifício Master).

In an effort to foster cross-cultural dialogue and deepen the connections between the Anglo- and Latin American industries, recent TropiChats have also featured North American directors such as Ira Sachs (Forty Shades of Blue; Married Life) and film journalists such as Gavin Smith, editor of Film Comment.