Cinema Tropical—a non-profit media arts organization dedicated to the programming, promotion, and distribution of Latin American cinema in the United States—is seeking an intern to work twice a week at our office in downtown Manhattan starting immediately. 

Founded in 2001 with the mission of distributing, programming, and promoting what was to become the biggest boom of Latin American cinema in decades, Cinema Tropical brought U.S. audiences some of the first screening of films such as Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También. Through a diversity of programs and initiatives, Cinema Tropical is thriving as a dynamic and groundbreaking organization experimenting in the creation of better and more effective strategies for the distribution and exhibition of foreign cinema in this country. We have organized film series with MoMI, Film Forum, MoMA, Film Society and many others in the past.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

•  Assist with day-to-day office tasks

•   Manage the production of Cinema Tropical’s weekly newsletters of Latin American screenings and film festivals in New York and Los Angeles

•  Assist with the production of content for Cinema Tropical’s social media platforms

•   Assist with CT’s community-outreach initiatives

•   Assist with the promotion of New York theatrical releases

•  Assist with publicity campaigns

•   Provide on-site support for CT special programs and receptions

•   Have the ability to work evenings on occasion


Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is a must and an interest in Latin American cinema is preferred.

To Apply: 

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to
All internships are unpaid.