July 16, 2012
The New York Times 15th Floor Conference Center


Presented in partnership with VOCES, Latino Heritage Network of the New York Times Company
Sponsored by Ketel One Vodka. Media Sponsor: BrazilNYC

Presented as part of Premiere Brazil! 2012 organized by the Museum of Modern Art and the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival.




As part of the 10th anniversary of Premiere Brazil! organized by The Museum of Modern Art and the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Cinema Tropical and VOCES, the Latino Heritage Network of The New York Times Company, present a special roundtable with the directors of 5 x Favela: Now by Ourselves and 5 x Pacificação (Peace), and special guests.

The directors, all of them active members of their communities who have been involved in different stages with social operations in their favelas: Cidade de Deus, Complexo do Alemão, Vidigal and Vigario Geral, will be discussing and debating the recent operation of UPP (Pacifying Police Units), a new concept elaborated and implemented by José Mariano Beltrame, the Secretary of Security for the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is a major operation carefully orchestrated so that each favela would be rid of drug dealers and have installed a new police unit, capable of connecting and be closer to the favela citizens.

This was an operation being held over the last year and a half which made news all over the world. It is meant to change the image of Rio, as well as the conditions of life and security in the city at large, also offering the communities the possibility of integration and empowerment.

Panelists: Carlos Diegues, producer; Luciano Vidigal, filmmaker; Rodrigo Felha, filmmaker; José Beltrame, Security Secretary, State of Rio de Janeiro. Moderator: Larry Rohter, The New York Times