GÜEROS Sweeps Mexico’s Ariel Awards

Güeros was the top winner at the 57th edition of the Ariel Awards, Mexico’s national film prize, which were presented this evening at a ceremony in Mexico City. The debut feature film by Alonso Ruizpalacios walked away with five awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best First Film, and Best Photography. It had received the most nominations at 12.

The film, which recently had its theatrical premiere in the U.S. to critical acclaim, follows Sombra and Santos, who ever since the National University strike broke out, have been living in angst-ridden limbo. But their idiosyncratic routine is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tomas, Sombra's kid brother. Unable to fit in amongst these older slackers, Tomas discovers that unsung Mexican folk-rock hero Epigmenio Cruz has been hospitalized somewhere in the city. Tomas convinces Sombra and Santos they must track him down in order to pay their final respects on his deathbed. But what they thought would be a simple trip to find their childhood idol, soon becomes a voyage of self-discovery across Mexico City's invisible frontiers.

The Ariel Award for Best Original Screenplay went to Rigoberto Perezcano for Carmín Tropical, while the award for Best Adapted Screenplay was for the film Obediencia perfecta / Perfect Obedience. The award for Best Documentary went to H20 MX by José Cohen and Lorenzo Hagerman, and the Ariel for Best Ibero-American Film was awarded to the Argentinean film Wild Tales / Relatos salvajes by Damián Szifron.

Producer Bertha Navarro (Cronos, Pan’s Labyrinth) was presented with the Golden Ariel for her professional trajectory.

Created in 1947, the Ariel Awards are presented annually by the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences.