Alonso, Martel, Pereda and Reygadas in Cinema Scope's Best 50 Filmmakers Under 50

Argentine filmmakers Lisandro Alonso and Lucrecia Martel as well as Mexican filmmakers Nicolás Pereda and Carlos Reygadas are the Latin American directors that made it to the list of the Best 50 Filmmakers Under 50 that Cinema Scope magazine publishes in its most recent issue, commemorating the magazine's 50th edition. According to Mark Peranson, editor of the magazine the list offers a snapshot of the current status of cinema and a "contemporary Cinema Scope canon."

The magazine features texts on each of the filmmakers written by film critics and filmmakers. Diego Brodersen writes about his fellow countryman Alonso, whilst Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul (also featured in the list) writes about Martel. Film critic Johnny Ray Houston writes about Pereda, and Filipino director Raya Martin (also included in the 50 Best list) wrote the entry for Reygadas, in which he argues the short Este es mi reino / This Is My Kingdom part of the omnibus film Revolución is his best work to date).

Click here to see the complete list, and both Houston's piece on Pereda and Martin's piece on Reygadas are available online, Brodersen text on Alonso and Weerasethakul's text on Martel are only available to subscribers online or in the print version.