The Chilean films Aurora by Rodrigo Sepúlveda and La Once (pictured) by Maite Alberdi were the top winners at the 10th edition of the SANFIC Film Festival. Sepúlveda's third feature film was the winner of the award for Best Film in the international competition

The film follows Sofía, a teacher, living in a polluted coastal city who is in the process of adoption of a minor when she reads in the newspaper that a newborn girl was found dead in a landfill. She becomes obsessed with the fate of the creature, which legally has no rights, neither to have a name nor to be buried. Sofia will engage in a legal fight which will have profound consequences on her life.

Alberdi's documentary film La Once was the winner of the award for Best Film and Best Director in the Chilean competition. The film tells the story of six old friends, meet for tea once a month for sixty years. In these meetings, they try to look their best, jovial, as if they had their whole lives ahead of them, trying to momentarily hide the fact that time is inevitably passing for them.

The 10th annual edition of the SANFIC Film Festival took place October 21-26 in Santiago, Chile.