BAFTA Awards: Britain Surrenders to ROMA


Mexican film Roma by Alfonso Cuarón made history in England this evening having won four awards—out of seven nominations—at the 72nd edition of the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA): for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film in a Foreign Language and Best Cinematography.

Roma's win marked the first time that a Latin American film, as well as a Spanish-language production, won the top prize at the BAFTA Awards for Best Picture. Cuarón’s win for Best Director was the fourth time for a Mexican filmmaker, including a previous win for Cuarón in 2014 for Gravity, for Alejandro González Iñárritu for The Revenant in 2016, and last year for Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water.

Yorgos Lanthimos’ period film The Favourite was the winner of the most BAFTA Awards win seven wins. The winners of the 72nd annual edition of the BAFTA Awards were announced this evening at a ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

Roma’s next big date is on Sunday, February 24 when the winners of the Academy Awards will be announced, and where the Mexican film is leading in ten categories.