Brazil Announces Big Financial Support for its Film Industry


President Dilma Rousseff announced yesterday at a public ceremony a vast program of development for the Brazilian audiovisual industry totaling the equivalent of $450 million USD, the largest government initiative ever to the country’s audiovisual sector created with the aim to consolidate Brazil as one of the leading content creators in the world.

Under the name “Brazil of All Screens” (Brazil de Todas as Telas) the state initiative is aiming to expand the domestic market, creating local accessibility to audiovisual services, with direct investment in production, distribution and content programming. Nationally, the initiative looks to finance 300 feature films, over 400 TV shows, and 2,000 hours of context for all exhibition platforms, plus the development of 450 film and television projects nationally.

Starting today the program will assign $180 million USD for the production of local films, professional training as well as the construction of new cinemas. During the ceremony, Rousseff signed a law initiative to expedite the selection process and hiring of production companies.