Brazilian Film KILL ME PLEASE Coming Soon to New York and Los Angeles

Cinema Slate has announced the U.S. theatrical run of Anita Rocha da Silveira’s feature Kill Me Please / Mate-me por favor, a unique blend of coming-of-age drama and slow-burning horror. The film opens Friday, September 1, at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn in New York City, and on Friday, October 13, at Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles. A VOD/DVD release is expected for next year.

“Rocha da Silveira blends lurid horror with high school sex comedy, tapping into the dread, lust and alienation of adolescence. The result is icky, funny and unexpectedly touching," has written the New York Times' A. O. Scott on the film. Winner of the Best Director (Fiction) and Best Actress award, given to Valentina Herszage, at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Kill Me Please was also an official selection at SXSW, Venice and New Directors/New Films. 

Bia (Valentina Herszage), Michele (Júlia Roliz), Mariana (Mariana Oliveira) and Renata (Dora Freind) are a clique of affluent high school girls. They waste away their days wandering the fields between the vertigo-inducing high rises in Barra da Tijuca, an affluent new neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Both privileged and abandoned by busy parents, the girls spend most of their time together.

When a wave of murders begins to terrorize the neighborhood, the girls develop a morbid curiosity with the victims – and lines separating life, desire and death begins to break down. Blending coming-of-age with slow-burning horror, partly inspired by the 1980s teen slasher genre, Kill Me Please is a disturbing and funny dive into teenage sexuality, spirituality, loneliness and fragility – as well as an ambitious feature debut by a young and promising Brazilian director, Anita Rocha da Silveira.