Brazilian Film SÓCRATES Nabs Three Independent Spirit Award Nominations

The Brazilian film Sócrates, the directorial debut by Alex Moratto, has nabbed three nominations for the 34th edition of the Independent Spirit Awards, Film Independent announced today. Moratto was nominated for the Someone to Watch Award, while the film’s protagonist Christian Malheiros is vying in the Best Male Lead category, and the production is up for the John Cassavetes Award (presented to the creative team of a film budgeted at less than $500,000).

The film—a story about love, sacrifice and resilience—follows Sócrates, a 15-year-old boy in São Paulo who is forced to live on his own after his mother’s death. After being promised that he will be able to collect his mother’s ashes once her cause of death is determined, he tries to continue making a life of his own. Deep in debt and needing a job just to make the rent, Socrates faces struggles he had never previously experienced. Upon landing a small job, he becomes smitten with a troubled boy and a romance begins.

Other Latino nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards include actor Raúl Castillo, protagonist of Jeremiah Zagar’s We the Animals for Best Male Lead, Mexican DP Diego García for Best Cinematography for his work in Paul Dano’s Wildlife, Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma for Best Intetnational Film, and Jim McKay’s fictionalized portrait of Brooklyn’s Mexican community En el Séptimo Día also competing for the John Cassavettes Award.

The winners of the 34th Independent Spirits Awards will be announced on Saturday, February 23 in Los Angeles.