Chilean Film STEFAN V/S KRAMER Breaks All-Time Local Records


The film Stefan v/s Kramer has become the most popular film in the history of the Chile, having been watched by over 2 million people in its 12 weeks of its continued theatrical run and surpassing American blockbusters such as Ice Age 4, Avatar, Titanic and Toy Story 3.

Starring actor/comedian Stefan Kramer and locally distributed by 20th Century Fox, the film is a comedy that tells the fictionalized story of Kramer, a renowned Chilean impersonator who, having achieved success, needs to reclaim his family life with his wife (played by Paloma Soto, Kramer's wife in real life) and children while he's combating the anger of the public figures that he has impersonated.

In the film, co-directed by Kramer with Sebastián Freund and Eduardo Prieto, the comedian impersonates more than 19 characters including Chilean president Sebastián Piñera.





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