Chile's José Luis Torres Leiva and Mexico's David Zonana Vie for San Sebastian's Golden Shell

Workforce  by David Zonana

Workforce by David Zonana

The San Sebastian Film Festival has announced today some additional titles that will participate in the official competition of its upcoming 67th edition including two Latin American films: José Luis Torres Leiva’s Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes / Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos and David Zonana’s Workforce / Mano de obra from Mexico.

Starring Amparo Noguera and Julieta Figueroa, Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes follows two women who have spent their whole lives together and must deal with the illness affecting one of them. The sick woman decides not to have treatment and they move into a cabin in the woods to wait for the day that death will come into their lives. The situation sees the resurfacing of the love that time had buried under the routine. Gradually their relationship will strengthen as death bides its time outside the cabin. 

Starring Luis Alberti, Hugo Mendoza, Jonathan Sánchez and co-produced by director Michel Franco, Zonana’s debut feature follows Francisco and a group of construction workers who are building a luxury house in Mexico City. Following the accidental on-site death of his brother, Francisco learns that his widowed sister-in-law will not receive compensation from the wealthy owner of the house. After enduring a succession of further abuses against himself and his colleagues, and having made several attempts to obtain justice, he finally takes the law into his own hands - but will the world he's fighting against end up consuming him?

The 67th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival will take place September 20 - 28.