The Chilean film De jueves a domingo / Thursday till Sunday (pictured) by Dominga Sotomayor won the top prize for Best Film with a cash prize of $4,000 USD in the international competition of the 19th edition of the Valdivia Film Festival, which ran October 2-7 in Chile. The Argentine film Viola by director Matías Piñeiro received the Jury's Special Prize, while Polvo by Guatemalan director Julio Hernández Cordón received a Special Mention in the same category.

The prize for Best Chilean Film was for Carlos Klein's Donde vuelan los cóndores, with a cash prize of over $6,000 USD, and Ignacio Rodríguez's La chupilca del diablo received a Special Jury Prize in the Chilean cinema category with a cash prize of $10,000 for international promotion. Klein's film also received the Audience Award, along with the Uruguayan film El Bella Vista by Alicia Cano.

The jury for the international competition was composed by Argentine producer Violeta Bava, Peruvian film critic/programmer John Campos Gómez, and Chilean filmmaker Ignacio Agüero, while the Chilean competition jury was composed by Argentina actress Romina Paula, Argentine producer Pablo Udenio and Chilean filmmaker Alberto Fuguet.