Ecuador's LA MALA NOCHE by Gabriela Calvache Will Have its World Premiere at SXSW Followed by Guadalajara


La Mala Noche (The Longest Night), the debut feature by Ecuadorean writer-director Gabriela Calvache will have its world premiere as part of the Global section at the 2019 edition of the SXSW Film Festival, taking place March 8-16 in Austin, Texas, followed by its Latin American premiere in the official Ibero-American competition at the 34th edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico, March 8-15.

Dana, played by Colombian actress Nöelle Schönwald (Love in the Time of Cholera), is a smart and beautiful woman who resorts to prostitution to make a living. She must deliver most of her income to a mafia boss, who protects and exploits her. She's good at what she does, a job she landed by mistake, out of love. 

Perhaps, if she behaves well enough, she might get her freedom, but her daughter's illness and addiction to a pharmaceutical drug will prevent her from reaching her goals. An unexpected incident will give her the opportunity to break free from her captor and seek justice with her own hands.

A co-production between Calvache’s Cineatica Films and Geminiano Pineda’s Cine Canibal of Mexico, La Mala Noche is a bold genre drama that ultimately becomes a femme-power poignant indictment of human trafficking.