END OF THE CENTURY Tops the U.S. Specialty Box Office


The film End of the Century / Fin de siglo, the debut feature by Argentine director Lucio Castro topped the U.S. specialty box office earning an estimate $10,398 gross in its opening weekend with an exclusive theatrical run at the IFC Center in New York, having the highest per-theater-average.

The film starring Juan Barberini, Ramón Pujol, and Mía Maestro tells the story of Ocho, a 30-something Argentine poet on vacation in Barcelona, who spots Javi, a Spaniard from Berlin, from the balcony of his Airbnb. Their attraction is subtle but persistent. After a missed connection on the beach, a third chance encounter escalates to a seemingly random hookup. But these two merely beautiful strangers in a foreign city could be part of each other’s histories or maybe even their destinies.

Fueled by strong reviews, including IndieWire hailing it as “the best gay film of the year,” the film was released by CInema Guild. End of the Century will expand to other cities, including theatrical runs at the Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles starting September 20, and at San Francisco’s Opera Plaza Cinemas, opening September 27.