Four Latin American Films to Compete at Rotterdam

Four Latin American films will have their world premiere in the official competition for the Tiger Awards at the 2015 edition of the Rotterdam Film Festival, it was announced today. Two films from Argentina, one from Cuba and one from Peru will be representing Latin American in the Dutch festival, which competition has been dedicated to discovering, celebrating and awarding emerging international film talent.

First and second time feature filmmakers from across the world compete for three prizes of €15,000 each, awarded by the festival’s five Tiger jury members. The winners, selected by the jury, will be announced at the Hivos Tiger Award Ceremony on Friday, January 30.

The Latin American films in competition are:

La mujer de los perros (pictured above left) by Laura Citarella & Verónica Llinás (Argentina). The protagonist of Dog Lady is a woman (Llinás) who lives in a poor area with a pack of dogs, in a house like so many other humble shacks in the urban sprawl of Greater Buenos Aires.

La obra del siglo (pictured right) by Carlos Quintela (Cuba/ Argentina/ Germany/ Switzerland). Three Cuban men, obliged by circumstance to live together under the same roof, pass their days in the ElectroNuclear City.

Parabellum by Lukas Valenta Rinner (Argentina/Austria/Uruguay). In the company of housewives, professionals and a retired tennis instructor, Hernán is part of a middle-class community that is preparing for the eventual arrival of the end of the world at a holiday resort in the marshy Tigre delta.

Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes)
by Juan Daniel Fernández Molero (Peru). Internet cafés and slackers, not-so-innocent schoolgirls and amateur porn using Google Glass: things in Lima, the Peruvian capital, are pretty similar to contemporary reality, virtual or otherwise, in the rest of the world. Cinema meets digital psychedelia.

The 44th edition of the Rotterdam Film Festival will take place January 21 - February 1 in the Netherlands.