Harvard Film Archive Will Feature the Work of Matías Piñeiro


Harvard Film Archive has announced the upcoming film series "The Pleasures of Deception: The Films of Matías Piñeiro" celebrating the work of the Argentine filmmaker. A key member of the latest wave of talented Argentinean directors, Piñeiro's films are both innovative and experimental compared to other Argentina directors such as Lisandro Alonso, Mariano Llinás and Alejo Moguillansky. His fascination with modern Argentina history and the figure of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento have shaped the director's narratives as he crafts plots within plots and develops his characters.

Harvard Film Archives will screen the filmmaker's two feature film he's made up to date: El hombre robado / The Stolen Man and Todos mienten / They All Lie (pictured) on Sunday and Monday, May 13 and 14 with the director in attendance. For more information visit Harvard Film Archive website.