Havana Film Fest in NY Announces 2016 Lineup

The Havana Film Festival NY has announced the lineup for it’s 17th edition, which will include films from 12 Latin American countries, all of the them having their New York or U.S. premiere. Participating in the fiction competition are Magallanes by Salvador del Solar from Peru, La patota / Paulina (pictured left) by Santiago Mitre from Argentina, and Mi amiga del parque / My Friend from the Park by Ana Katz, also from Argentina.

The rest of the lineup competing for the Havana Star Prize for Best Fiction Film are El acompañante / The Companion by Pavel Giroud from Cuba, La Gunguna / The Gunguna by Ernesto Alemany from the Dominican Republic, El Bosque de Karadima by Matías Lira from Chile, Bailando con Margot / Dancing With Margot by Arturo Santana from Cuba, Eva no duerme / Eva Doesn't Sleep by Pablo Agüero from Argentina, Zoom by Pedro Morelli from Brazil, Cuba Libre by Jorge Luis Sánchez from Cuba, and Presos / Imprisoned by Esteban Ramírez from Costa Rica.

Ten films will participate in the documentary competition including Allende, Mi Abuelo Allende / Beyond My Grandfather Allende by Marcia Tambutti from Chile, Paciente / Patient by Jorge Caballero from Colombia, and El cuarto de los huesos / The Room of Bones by Marcela Zamora from El Salvador.

The other Latin American documentaries competing For the Havana Star Prize In Documentary Are: El tren de la línea norte / The Train on the Northern Railway by Marcelo Martín from Cuba, Made In Bangkok by Flavio Florencio from Mexico, La prenda / The Pawn by Jean-Cosme Delaloye, Guatemala, Tiempo suspendido / Time Suspended by Natalia Bruschtein from Mexico.

The 17th edition of the Havana Film Festival NY will take place April 7-15.