In Memoriam: Mexican Actor Gonzalo Vega

El lugar sin límites  (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 1978)

El lugar sin límites (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 1978)

Mexican actor Gonzalo Vega—who had a fruitful and successful career in cinema, theater and television—died today at the age of 69. Born in Mexico City on November 29, 1949, Vega made his film debut in the 1969 drama Las pirañas aman en cuaresma / The Piranhas Mate by Lent by Francisco del Villar opposite Julio Alemán, Isela Vega, and Ofelia Medina.

Throughout the seventies he acted in numerous films by the hand of directors such as Rogelio A. González in La agonía de ser madre / Agony to Be a Mother (1970), ¿Por qué nací mujer? (1970) and Rosario (1971); Alejandro Galindo in Ante el cadáver de un líder (1974) El juicio de Martín Cortés (1974), and Y la mujer hizo al hombre (1975); and Felipe Cazals in Aquellos años (1973) and Las Poquianchis (1976).

In 1978 he played the role of Pancho in the iconic film El lugar sin límites / Hell Without Limits by Arturo Ripstein, based on the novel by Chilean writer Camilo José Donoso, for which we won the Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor, presented by the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences. 

Vega worked with Ripstein again in the 1981 film La seducción / Seduction with Katy Jurado and Viridiana Alatriste. During the early eighties he worked both with prestigious filmmakers such as José Estrada in Ángel del barrio (1981), Carlos Saura in Antonieta (1983), and Jaime Humberto Hermosillo in Las apariencias engañan / Looks Can Be Deceiving (1983) Alberto Isaac in Tiempo de lobos (1985), while working on more mainstream projects next to some of Mexico's top stars such as pop singer Luis Miguel in Ya nunca más (Abel Salazar, 1984) and telenovela star Lucía Méndez in Los renglones torcidos de Dios (Tulio Demicheli, 1983).

In 1987 he won his second Ariel Award for Best Actor in his role as Candelario in Luis Alcoriza's Lo que importa es vivir. Based on the enormous success of the Mexican soap opera Cuna de lobos, Vega focused his career on television, participating in very few films during the nineties.

Some years later, he had a small role in Guita Schyfter's Las caras de la luna / The Faces of the Moon (2002), and a year later he starred in Ya nos los hacen como antes (Juan Fernando Pérez Gavilán) with Silvia Pinal, and La tregua / The Truce (Alfonso Rosas Priego). Vega's last film was the box office hit Nosotros los Nobles / We, the Noble directed by Gary Alazraki in 2013, which is the second top grossing Mexican film in history.