Independent Lens to Showcase Two Latino Docs

PBS has announced the Winter/Spring 2014 lineup for its celebrated Independent Lens' documentary series, which will feature two works by Latino filmmakers in the United States: Las Marthas (pictured) by Cristina Ibarra and The State of Arizona by Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini.

Las Marthas explores the unique Laredo, Texas celebration in honor of George Washington, where society daughters, most of them Mexican American, debut in elaborate colonial gowns representing iconic figures from America's revolutionary history. The film follows two of the young debutantes as they prepare for this extraordinary rite of passage. Las Marthas premieres Monday, February 17.

The turbulent battle over illegal immigration in Arizona that came to a head with Senate Bill 1070 frames The State of Arizona, a riveting documentary that tracks multiple perspectives — activists, politicians, Latino immigrants, controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, ranchers, and others — as America eyes the results. The film will have its broadcast premiere on Monday, January 27.

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