LAS MALAS INTENCIONES Named Best Peruvian Film of 2011


The Peruvian Motion Picture Press Association (Asociación Peruana de Prensa Cinematográfica, Apreci) selected Rosario García-Montero's film Las malas intenciones / Bad Intentions (pictured) as the Best Peruvian Film of the Year. The association made its selection from a list of eight films that had their local theatrical release plus an additional 20 films made in digital format that also premiered in 2011.

García-Montero's debut feature had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival last February and went on to win the prize as Best Latin American Film at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, as well as to win the Special Jury Prize at the Viña del Mar and the Gramado Film Festivals. The film is currently playing in New York as part of the "Iberoamérican Images" film series running through December 15 at The Museum of Modern Art.