Latin American Films Awarded at Visions du Réel

The Mexican documentary film Café (pictured) by Hatuey Viveros was the winner of the top prize for Best Film in the international competition at the 20th edition of the Visions du Réel Film Festival in Nyons, Switzerland. 

In a statement the members of the jury "The extremely sensitive film by Hatuey Viveros shows the relationship between emancipation and tradition, between proximity and separation in the heart of an indigenous family." The award comes with a cash prize of approximately $22,000 USD. Vivero's film was also presented with a Special Mention in the Interreligious Award in the international competition.

Café, is set in the town of San Miguel Tzinacapan, in Puebla’s Nahua Mountain Range, where a family has lost its father. His absence transforms the lives of those who were so deeply connected to him. Tere, now in charge of the family, must make money by selling crafts. Jorge is about to finish school and will soon have to choose his own path. Chayo, 16, must make an important decision. A year has passed, and the members of the family have been able to redefine themselves, finding their own destiny while always venerating their father’s memory.

Other Latin American winners at this year's edition of Visions du Réel include the Chilean documentary Propaganda by the collective MAFI which was awarded with the George Foundation Jury Prize for the most innovative medium-lenght film in the international competition, with a cash prize of approximately $5,700 USD; and the Paraguayan-Swiss co-production El tiempo nublado (pictured right) by Arami Ullón which was awarded the prize for Best First Feature in the New Perspective competition with $11,300 USD approximately and a Special Mention in the Swiss competition.

The Brazilian-Belgian documentary PS Sao Paulo by Leni Huyghe, was the winner of of the Young Audience Award for Best Film in the 'First Step' competition with a cash prize of about $3,400 USD.

The 20th edition of the Swiss festival took place April 25th - May 3rd.