LOS DÉBILES Wins Best Mexican Film Award at FICUNAM


Los débiles / The Weak Ones, the debut feature by Raúl Rico and Eduardo Giralt Brun was the winner of the Puma Award award for Best Mexican Film at the 8th edition of the UNAM International Film Festival (FICUNAM) in Mexico City.

The film, which had its world premiere few weeks ago at the Berlinale, follows the stoic Victor, who gets into an argument with The Selfie, a member of a youth gang. Soon afterwards, Victor’s dogs are murdered. He arms himself and sets out for revenge, in search of the rival who’s now disappeared without a trace. But the journey proves difficult, taking Victor through Sinaloa, the stretch of land on Mexico’s Pacific coast that a ruthless criminal cartel has transformed into bloody terrain. Violence and death are part of everyday life here. Victor’s journey is hemmed in by an eccentric cast of characters, each of whom reveals a new clue on where The Selfie might be found —until the two rivals finally meet in a brilliant and unexpected finale.

La vida suspendida de Harley Prosper / The Still Life of Harley Prosper by Juan Manuel Sepúlveda received a Special Jury Mention, while Anaïs Huerta's David. El regreso a la tierra / David. The Return to Land was the winner of the TV UNAM Award, with a cash prize of $ 80,000 MX (about $4,290 USD) and broadcast in TV UNAM. Luis Rincón's El reino de la sirena / The Mermaid's Kingdom received the LCI Insurance Award, and Eugenia Varela and Bruno Varela's Mano de Metate / Grindstone Hand received a Special Mention.

The 8th edition of FICUNAM took place February 28 - March 6.