MAIKOL YORDAN Becomes the Top Grossing Film in Costa Rica Ever

[January 27, 2015 UPDATE] And Maikol Yordan did it. This past weekend the Central American comedy film directed by Miguel Gómez and the troupe La Media Docena became the most successful film in the history of Costa Rican box office. The film has been seen over 550,000 spectators since its theatrical opening five weeks ago.

Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido left behind the American blockbusters Ice Age 4 and Despicable Me 2, which were at the top of the chart.

[January 14, 2015 UPDATE] Miguel Gómez's Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido continues it's groundbreaking theatrical run in Costa Rica becoming one of the top grossing films of all time in the Central American country.

On Sunday, January 5, the film entered the list of top ten of grossing films in the history of the Costa Rican box office, and it is now with 401,196 spectators in the sixth place of the list. It is expected that film will surpass James Cameron's Avatar which is currently on the number five spot in the next few days.

[December 29, 2014] The comedy Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido (pictured) by Miguel Gómez is making history as the top grossing Costa Rican film ever, just 11 days after its theatrical opening. The film has been seen by over 170,000 people since it opened on December 18, surpassing the 2009 film Gestación by Esteban Ramírez at the box office, which was seen by 131,600 spectators.

Starring Mario Chacón as the title character of Maikol Yordan, and produced by the comedy troupe La Media Docena, the film follows a humble, good-natured man whose greatest desire is to get a job that will help raise his family, composed of eight children and his wife. At the risk of losing his farm, he desperately starts looking for a job to no success. When he's about to loose his land to the evil Malavassi (played by Mexican comedian Adal Ramones), a radio contest offering a trip to Europe as its top prize will change his fate.