Matías Meyer’s YO Wins at Morelia

Yo (pictured left), the fourth feature film by Mexican filmmaker Matías Meyer was presented with the award for Best Film at the 13th edition of the Morelia Film Festival last night.

The film tells the story of Yo, a strong young man, but with limited mental skills. He says he is fifteen years old, although he seems to be older. He lives and works in his mother’s restaurant by a busy freeway. Yo loves his mother but hates her lover. One day he meets Elena, an eleven year old girl, who will change his life for ever.

Te Prometo Anarquía / I Promise You Anarchy by Julio Hernández Cordón was presented with a Special Jury Mention and the Guerrero Press Award for Best Mexican Feature Film, while Elisa Miller’s El placer es mío / The Pleasure Is Mine received the award for Best First or Second Mexican Feature Film. Jack Zagha Kababie’s Almacenados / Warehoused received the Audience Award.

In the documentary competition Betzabé García’s Los reyes del pueblo que no existe / Kings of Nowhere (pictured right) won the top prize for Best Mexican Documentary, and was also presented with the award for Best Mexican Documentary Made by a Woman. The film follows three families live in a village partially submerged by water in Northwestern Mexico: Pani and Paula do not want to close their tortilleria and spend their spare time rescuing the town from ruins; Miro and his parents dream of leaving but can’t; Yoya and Jaimito live in fear but have everything they need.

Everardo González’s El Paso and Trisha Ziff’s El hombre que vio demasiado / The Man Who Saw Too Much, received the Ambulante Special Award.

The 13th edition of the Morelia Film Festival took place October 23 - November 1, in Mexico.