Mexican Judge Orders Suspension of the Theatrical Release of PRESUMED GUILTY

A federal judge ordered today in Mexico the temporary suspension of the screening of the documentary film Presunto culpable / Presumed Guilty in its theatrical release in Mexico, based on the petition of a person and former police officer that appears in the film who claims the improper use of his image, according to Mexican newspapers. The order came today after the film directed by Roberto Hernández, Geoffrey Smith and Layda Negrete, has had an impressive run in Mexican screens and is on its way to become the top grossing Mexican documentary of all time. Nevertheless the judicial order is not immediate and the Ministry of the Interior that grants the corresponding screening permits for films in Mexico has said through a spokesperson that they will appeal the decision of the judge. Both Hernández and Negrete have claimed the judiciary order is an attempt of censorship on their film. The film was broadcast in the U.S. last summer as part of PBS' POV series, it is distributed by Icarus Films.

Watch the trailer: