Movie on Chapo’s Escape Released in Mexican Theaters

Capo: El escape del siglo / Capo: The Escape of the Century, a new movie that provides a fictional account of the escape of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera from a maximum-security prison, was released in theaters in Mexico on Friday, just one week later after he was re-captured.

The debut feature by Axel Uriegas starring Irineo Álvarez (pictured left) as “El Chapo” was released in 128 screens, and according to preliminary box office reports it had a strong per-theater-average in its opening day. The film also stars José Sefami, Pascacio López, ristoff Raczynski, and Armando Hernández.

Originally titled Chapo: El escape del siglo, the producers reportedly decided to change the movie’s name to avoid confusions with the biopic that actress Kate del Castillo was allegedly working with Guzmán Loera. The film had been in production for many weeks now, and was originally scheduled to open this past Friday, January 15.