New York Latino Film Festival Announces Lineup for Comeback Edition

Vico C: La vida del filósofo  by Transfor Ortíz

Vico C: La vida del filósofo by Transfor Ortíz

The New York Latino Film Festival has announced through its Facebook page part of the lineup for its 13th edition, which marks the comeback of the event after a four year hiatus. The festival has announced the selections for its documentary, U.S. features, short film, Midnight, and Spectrum sections, as well as the special premiere of the biographical film Vico C: La Vida Del Filósofo by Transfor Ortíz about the Puerto Rican superstar reggaeton rapper and songwriter.

The U.S. Features section of the festival will feature the films Love Lucy by Jay Francisco Lopez, I Killed My Husband by Francisco Lupini Basagoiti, Badsville by David Phillips, and The Naked Truth by Guru Enlightenment. 

The documentary section will present the feature length and short films Cada paso del camino / Every Step of the Way by Alberto Ferreras, Colonization Is Extinction by Walter Alomar, Capoeira in Our Lives by Patricia Ovando, Residente by Sarah Gross, Sununu: The Revolution of Love by Olivia Crellin, Clever by Alan Dominguez, and AfroLatinos, An Untaught History by Renzo Devia. 

The Spectrum selection is composed by Elevated Remedies by Andre Ray, We All We Got by Carlos Javier Ortiz, Night Shift by Marshall Tyler, Marz by Bobby Yan, and Chatsworth by La Monte Edwards.

The Midnight Selections dedicated to experimental, genre and off-beat productions will showcase Sudden Death by Kenneth Sanabria, Atonement by Ray Figueroa, ¡Ay, qué susto! / What a Fright! by Mauricio Zapata, The Thing Inside by Johnny Ray Rodriguez, and The Sweetest Kiss by Alina Landry Rancier.

The shorts selections is comprised by Alvaro Ron's Swimming in the Desert, Miguel J. Soliman's Desde el principio, Johnny Krik's Vivi, Via Via's These Colors Don't Run, Michael Martinez's Borders, Mary Angelica Molina's Valentina, Dominic Colon and Sebastian Rea's Skin, Bobby DeJesus' Indentured Servant, Jeff Lucky's No le digas a Gus / Don't Tell Gus, Ramon Pesante Grapes,  Felipe Ospina's Pink Punk "The Mirror, Bret Polish's So Far from God, Alberto Ferreras' Lesson #6, Will Carter's Shoes, James Clark's Last Shot, Alterations by Juan Carlos Zaldívar, and Gabriel Savodivker's To Infinity.

Other short film selections include Domenica Garica's Ceviche, Jon Navarro's Soledad, Ryan Zaragoza's Bebe, Zoe Salicrup's Fluff, Sandra Manzanares' Like Fine Silk, Michael Jaffer's The Last Kiss, and Caroline Korth's #BuffaloPlaid, Martanoemí Noriega's MandiThe Little Cockroach, Matias Nilsson's Welcome Back, Mario Genel's In a Parallel World, Josue Oropeza's Sueños Americanos, Cesar Encalada's Redemption, Alain Afaro's Some Bad News, and Jon Ayon's Sombras / Shadows

The 13th edition of the New York Latino Film Festival will take place October 11 - 15.