NO and HALLEY to Sundance


The Sundance Film Festival unveiled today more titles that will participate in the Spotlight, Park City at Midnight and New Frontier sections of the 2013 edition of the festival in January, which will feature works by the Chilean director Pablo Larraín, the debut feature by Mexican director Sebastián Hofman and an installation by Mexican artist Lozano-Hemmer.

The Spotlight section will feature No by Larraín starring actor Gael García Bernal. When Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet calls for a referendum to decide his permanence in power, the opposition persuades a young advertising executive to head its campaign. With limited resources and under scrutiny, he conceives a plan to win the election.

The New Frontier section which highlights work that celebrates experimentation and the expansion of cinema culture through the convergence of film, art, and new media technology will feature the U.S. premiere of Halley, the debut feature by Sebastián Hofmann that tells the story of Alberto, who is dead and can no longer hide it. Before surrendering to his living death, he forms an unusual friendship with Luly, the manager of the 24-hour gym where he works as a night guard.

In the New Frontier section, Mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer will show his installation Pulse Index, a beautifully resonant, interactive media installation that records the heart rates and fingerprints of participants and exhibits them in a beautiful Fibonacci pattern.

The Festival also announced the World premiere of We Are What We Are by Jim Mickle, the American remake of the Mexican film Somos lo que somos by Jorge Michel Grau.