Oscars: Boliva Sends VIEJO CALAVERA to the Academy Awards


Bolivia has announced Viejo calavera / Dark Skull, the directorial debut by Kiro Russo, as its contender in the foreign-language film category for the next edition of the Academy Awards. 

The film follows  Elder Mamani, who is forced to live with his grandmother—far from the city—to stay away from trouble after his father has died, He has to learn to be a  worker. His godfather, Francisco has to take care of Elder’s acceptance in the mining company. Francisco and Elder end up working together, but Elder skips work daily.Francisco endures this grudgingly. His co workers mock him because of the behavior of his godson.

When Francisco finds Elder lost in the smokey alleys about to be blasted, he leaves him alone there, because of his survival, the miners that rescue him see him as an amulet of good luck. Now the miners have to travel together to the tropic, in which context the conflict between Elder and Francisco unravels.

Viejo calavera is the ninth contender from Bolivia, although two candidates were disqualified. The South American country has never received a nomination.