Oscars: Bolivia Selects MURALLA as Its Oscar Hopeful

Bolivia’s Filmmakers Association (ASOCINE) has announced today that the film Muralla, the debut feature by actor-director Gory Patiño has been chosen by a selection committee of 11 members to represent the South American country in the foreign language film category at the 91st edition of the Academy Awards.

Starring Fernando Arze as Coco “Muralla” Rivera, the thriller film tells the story of of a former soccer player whose son is in the hospital waiting for an organ transplant and, in his desperation to get money to access a quick surgery, he gets involved in a case of human trafficking.

Muralla becomes the tenth Bolivian Oscar submission—two of those films were disqualified—since the country started submitting candidates to the Academy Awards in 1995.

Watch the trailer (in Spanish with no subtitles):