PRESUNTO CULPABLE On Its Way to Become the Highest Grossing Doc in Mexican History

The acclaimed documentary film Presunto culpable / Presumed Guilty (pictured) by Roberto Hernández, Geoffrey Smith and Layda Negrete is on its way to become the highest grossing Mexican documentary film ever. On its opening weekend the film made $6,434,071 MX (approximately $532,005 USD) landing on the number sixth spot of the box office on top of films such as The King's Speech and The Fighter, and with an estimated audience of 127,646. With those strong numbers the film is bound to surpass Luis Mandoki's Fraude 2006 as the highest grossing Mexican documentary, which was seen by over 300, 000 people on its theatrical release in 2007. Presunto culpable, which has won numerous prizes around the world, unmasks the Mexican judiciary system telling the story of Toño, a young man wrongly accused of a crime he never committed. The film was distributed by the exhibition company Cinépolis which is the largest cineplex chain in Mexico and throughout Latin America.