Prizes for Latin American Cinema in Edinburgh and Moscow


This past weekend two Latin American films received prizes in two different European Film Festivals: the Mexican film Fecha de caducidad / Expiration Date (pictured) in Moscow and the Argentine film Papirosen at Edinburgh.

Kenya Marquez's Fecha de caducidad / Expiration Date was awarded the Special Jury Prize in the 34th edition of the Moscow Film Festival that took place in the Russian capital between June 21-30. Márquez's debut feature is a funny and suspenseful black comedy of shifting viewpoints starring Damián Alcazar.

Gaston Solnicki's Papirosen received a Special Mention in the the 66th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival that took place June 20  - July 1. On the film, the jury said: “Papirosen is a real paradigm for why cinema remains relevant. There is beauty, pain and urgency in this film. For humanity to survive, the world must not forget. This film tells us that the greatest struggle of man is the struggle for the truth.”