Martín Rejtman Prepares New Feature Film


Acclaimed Argentine auteur Martín Rejtman (Silvia Prieto, The Magic Gloves, Two Shots Fired) is preparing a new feature film, according to Argentine film news site OtrosCines. Titled La práctica “The Practice,” the film will be a naturalistic comedy and is set to be shot at the end of this year in Chile and Portugal starring Argentine actor Esteban Bigliardi (Murder Me, Monster; La Flor; The Summit).

According to the synopsis shared by, the film will tell the story of Gustavo, an Argentine living in Chile, who loses his grip on life after he loses his wife and his home, and an injury prevents him from keep on working as a yoga instructor. Finding a good excuse not to return to his country he will bump into absurd characters and situations: a forgetful German woman, an indiscreet mother, a primitive man, and the possibility of a new love. Between earthquakes, thefts, hospitals, motorcycles, couple therapy, yoga retreats, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant drugs, Gustavo will need to keep his balance.

The film will be produced by Rosa Films (Portugal), La Unión de los Ríos (Argentina), Forastero (Chile), The Film Kitchen (Netherlands), Pandora Films (Germany), and Interior XIII (Mexico).