Rotterdam Winner VIDEOPHILIA Is Peru's Oscar Candidate

Peru has just announced that Videofilia (y otros síndromes virales) / Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) by Juan Daniel F. Molero, will represent the South American country in the Oscar race hoping to earn its second Oscar nomination after Claudia Llosa's The Milk of Sorrow in 2009.

The first Peruvian film to ever win the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival and a Cinema Tropical Award nominee for Best Film, Videophilia (and Other Viral Syndromes) follows Luz, a teenage misfit from Lima who meets online Junior, a weird slacker who is obsessed with conspiracy theories, Mayan prophecies of the end of the world, and underground porn.

They try to hook up in the real life but supernatural events start to unfold. Set in Lima, Juan Daniel F. Molero’s exhilarating debut fiction film is a playful mashup of internet cafes, slackers, not-so-innocent schoolgirls, amateur porn, Google Glass, acid trips, and guinea pigs as extras in an exorcism.