Sebastián Cordero's SUCH IS LIFE IN THE TROPICS Is Ecuador's Oscar Candidate

Ecuador has selected Sebastián Cordero's Sin muertos no hay carnaval / Such Is Life In the Tropics as its candidate for the 89th edition of the Academy Awards in the foreign language film category.

Starring Diego Cataño and Maya Zapata and set in the tropical city of Guayaquil, Such Is Life In the Tropics is a story of ambition, corruption, betrayal, tangles, and everything that entails the pursuit of power within a society and within a family. It's a story about desire, guilt and the limits that we place in our environment to build a more decent world.

This marks the fifth time that Ecuador sends a candidate to the Academy Awards, and the second time that the country selects a film by Cordero, after Crónicas in 2004.