Strand Releasing, the Los Angeles-based U.S. film distribution company, has announced the acquisition of two Latin American titles for 2018, both of which had their world premiere at the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival: Brazilian film Gabriel and the Mountain / Gabriel e a Montanha by Fellipe Barbosa, and the Argentinean-Chilean film The Desert Bride / La novia del desierto the directorial debut by Cecilia Atán and Valeria Pivato.

Based on a true story, Gabriel and the Mountain tells the story of Gabriel who decides to travel the world for one year, his backpack full of dreams, before entering a prestigious American university. After ten months on the road, he arrives in Kenya where he is joined by his girlfriend. But discovering Africa as a tourist is not enough for Gabriel.

He decides to go deeper, leaving on his own for a journey across countries, new friendships and raw emotions to finally reach Mount Mulanje in Malawi, his final destination. Barbosa's second feature film premiered in the Critics' Week  where it received the France 4 Visionary Award.

Starring Paulina García (Gloria, Little Men), The Desert Bride follows 54-year-old Teresa who has worked for decades as a live-in maid with a family in Buenos Aires. When the family sells the house, she is forced to take a job in the distant town of San Juan. Although feeling uncomfortable with traveling, she embarks on a journey through the desert.

During her first stop, in the land of the miraculous “Saint Correa”, she loses her bag with all her belongings. This unexpected incident leads her to cross paths with El Gringo, a traveling salesman, the only one who can help Teresa find her bag. What seemed like the end of her world will ultimately prove her salvation.