The Academy Invites New Latin American Members Including Sebastián Silva, Marina de Tavira and Víctor Gavíria


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 842 new members to join the organization, with a 50% of women, 29% people of color, representing 59 countries, many of them from Latin American including recent Academy Award nominee Marina de Tavira from Mexico, director Víctor Gaviria from Colombia and Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva.

In addition to De Tavira, eight other Latin American actors were invited to join: Yareli Arizmendi, Bruno Bichir, Héctor Bonilla, Juan Diego Bott, Irene Escolar, Gina Gallego, Dolores Heredia, and Ofelia Medina. Additionally, three Latin American directors of photography were invited to join: Carolina Costa from Brazil, Miguel Littín from Chile, and Diego García from Mexico.

Other invited Latin American talent invited by the Academy includes Chilean filmmaker Valeria Sarmiento, Mexican producer and former director of the Mexican Film Institute Marina Stavenhagen, Argentine producers Benjamín Domenech, Santiago Gallelli, and Matías Roveda, Brazilian producers Lucy and Luiz Carlos Barreto, Mexican producers Martha Orozco and Rocío López Ortiz, Mexican documentarian Lucía Gajá, Brazilian director Laís Bodanzky, Mexican director Maryse Sistach, and the costume designer Julio Suárez from Argentina and Anna Terrazas from Mexico.