The Fabulous Late Eva Norvind Gets Tribute in NYC


Cinema Tropical, Deutsches Haus at New York University (NYU), and Scandinavia House, have announced a tribute to the late Eva Norvind, aka Ava Taurel, with two special film screenings: Didn’t Do It for Love on Tuesday, June 12; and Born Without / Nacido sin on Wednesday June 13, in New York City.

Born in Norway to Russian prince Paul Chegodayef Sakonsky and Finnish sculptress Johanna Kajuanus, Eva Norvind was a larger-than-life figure, an unconventional and controversial sexual pioneer whose life incredibly intersected with many random places and very unusual facets: from becoming Mexico’s Marilyn Monroe; to studying film and human sexuality at NYU; and ultimately becoming New York City’s most famous dominatrix. Norvind died at the age of 62, on May 14, 2006, drowning in the waters of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The special tribute features a screening of Didn’t Do It For Love, the documentary film that renowned German filmmaker Monika Treut made about Eva’s life, as well as Born Without / Nacido sin, the documentary film that Norvind directed and that was completed by her daughter Nailea Norvind after Eva’s sudden death. The film, which went on to win the Best Documentary Award at the Mexico City (FICCO) and Vancouver Film Festivals, tells the story of handicapped Mexican street musician José Flores.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Deutsches Haus and Scandinavia House, two not-so-obvious partners for Latin American cinema, to pay tribute to the astonishing Eva Norvind, who among the numerous hats she wore, had a random yet powerful participation in Mexican cinema”, says Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Director and Co-Founder of Cinema Tropical.

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