THE SPACE BETWEEN THINGS Is Named Best Peruvian Film of the Year


The Peruvian Motion Picture Press Association (Asociación Peruana de Prensa Cinematográfica, APRECI) named Raúl del Busto's El espacio entre las cosas / The Space Between Things (pictured) as Best Peruvian Film of the Year. 

Starring Natalia Pena, Fernando Escribens, Ricardo Sandi and Fernando Vílchez, the film is about a director that is preparing his new film, a crime thriller whose main character is a detective by the name of Glauber Maldonado. Mysterious events will convert the the lives of the detective and the filmmaker into a fuzzy journey between reality and hallucination.

The Space Between Things is del Bustó's sophomore film, after his 2005 feature film debut Detrás del mar. The film won a Special Jury Mention at the past edition of the Independent Lima Film Fest.

Previous APRECI winners include Omar Forero's Chicama (2012), Rosario García-Montero's Las malas intenciones / The Bad Intentions (2011), Héctor Gálvez's Paraíso (2010), and Claudia Llosa's La teta asustada / The Milk of Sorrow (2009).