The Top Grossing Mexican Films of All-Time

As Gaz Alazraki's debut feature film Nosotros los Nobles is making history this weekend becoming the top grossing Mexican film of all-time at the local box office, TropicalFRONT brings you the list of the highest grossing films in the country. The list has three animated films (Una película de huevos and its sequel, and the Mexican-Argentinean co-production based on Hanna Barbera's American cartoon Don Gato y su pandilla, three films starring Gael García Bernal (El crimen del padre Amaro, Rudo y Cursi and Y Tu Mamá También, the last two co-starring Diego Luna), and two films starring comedian Eugenio Derbez (No eres tú soy yo and La misma luna). 

  1. Nosotros los Nobles (Gaz Alazraki, 2013), $165.3 million / 3.3 million spectators
  2. El crimen del padre Amaro (Carlos Carrera, 2002), $162 million / 5.2 million spectators
  3. Una película de huevos (Gabriel Riva Palacio and Rodolfo Riva Palacio, 2006), $142 million / 3.9 million spectators
  4. Rudo y Cursi (Carlos Cuarón, 2008), $127 million / 3.1 million spectators
  5. No eres tú, soy yo (Alejandro Springall, 2010), $125.6 million / 2.9 million spectators
  6. Km 31 (Rigoberto Castañeda, 2006), $118.8 million / 3.2 million spectators
  7. Otra película de huevos y un pollo (Gabriel Riva Palacio andRodolfo Riva Palacio, 2009) $113.5 million /3.9 million spectators
  8. Don Gato y su pandilla (Alberto Mar, 2011), $112.2 million / 2.5 million spectators
  9. Y Tu Mamá También (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001), $103.5 million / 3.2 million spectators
  10. La misma luna / Under the Same Moon (Patricia Riggen, 2007), $101.4 million / 2.5 million spectators


All figures in Mexican pesos.