TODOS TUS MUERTOS Tops Macondo Awards


The film Todos tus muertos / All Your Dead Ones (pictured) by Carlos Moreno was the big winner at the second annual edition of the Macondo Awards that were given by the Colombian Academy of Film Arts and Sciences at a ceremony last night in Bogotá, Colombia.

Moreno's sophomore film took home five awards, out of seven nominations, for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor, beating Andi Baiz's La cara oculta / The Hidden Face by which had been nominated in nine categories. Baiz's film won the prizes for Best Supporting Actress and Best Sound.

Todos tus muertos, which had its World Premiere at the 2011 edition of the Sundance Film Festival, follows when simple farmer Salvador sets off for work one morning, only to be shocked by the discovery of a huge pile of bodies dumped in the middle of his cornfield. Grabbing his bicycle, he dashes into town to alert the authorities. Easier said than done since it’s Election Day, and the powers that be have other things on their minds. Issuing denials and shrugging the matter off, the mayor and chief of the militia attempt to go about the business at hand, but a mountain of corpses doesn’t just vanish, even in Colombia. Gradually the news leaks out and a national scandal soon looms.

Other awarded films include Jairo Carrillo and Óscar Andrade's Pequeñas Voces / Little Voices winner of the prize for Best Feature Film, José Luis Rugele's García for Best Actress and Best Costume Design, and Jaime Osorio's El Páramo / The Squad.


Complete List of Winners

Best Film: Todos tus muertos / All Your Dead Ones
Best Director: Carlos Moreno, Todos tus muertos /
All Your Dead Ones
Best Screenplay: Carlos Moreno and Alonso Torres,
Todos tus muertos / All Your Dead Ones
Best Actor: Álvaro Rodríguez, Todos tus muertos /
All Your Dead Ones
Best Actress: Margarita Rosa de Francisco, García
Best Supporting Actor: Jorge Herrera, Todos tus muertos /
All Your Dead Ones
Best Supporting Actress: Clara Lago, La cara oculta / The Hidden Face
Best Cinematography: Mauricio Vidal, Apaporis
Best Edition: Sebastián Hernández and Felipe Guerrero, El Páramo / The Squad
Best Art Direction: Sara Millán, Saluda al diablo de mi parte / Greetings to the Devil
Best Music: Alejandro Ramírez Rojas, Apaporis
Best Sound: Eduardo Castro and César Salazar, La cara oculta / The Hidden Face
Best Makeup: Andrés Ramírez, El Páramo / The Squad
Best Costume Design: Angélica Perea, García
Best Short Film: Los retratos / The Portraits
Best Animated Film: Jairo Carrillo and Óscar Andrade, Pequeñas Voces / Little Voices