TropicalFRONT at Intelatin Cloudcast: September Show

In the September edition of TropicalFRONT on Intelatin Cloudcast, Sergio Muñoz and Carlos A. Gutiérrez talk about Eugenio Derbez's overnight success with the film Instructions Not Included / No se aceptan devoluciones; the nature of film festivals and their inner; and a discussion on the Uruguayan film Tanta Agua / So Much Water, directed by Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge. Plus a feature on Seed & Spark by Christine Davila, la Chicana from Chicago, and a feature on LatinoBuzz by Vanessa Erazo of Cinelandia.

This session also includes a Q&A with director Sebastian Hoffman, director of the Mexican film Halley. The music for this episode was curated by DJ Canyon Cody and the selected tracks were performed by Rafi El and Not te va a gustar. The broadcast aired on 9/19/13 on KKJZ 88.1 FM HD3 and

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