TropicalFRONT on Intelatin Cloudcast: April 2014 Show

In the April 2014 edition of TropicalFRONT on Intelatin Cloudcast features a dialogue on Latin American film with Carlos Gutiérrez of Cinema Tropical, a report from México on Luis Buñuel 1949, an interview with Christine Davila of Ambulante California, a feature on the life story of Nicholas González to support our film of the month, Water & Power by Richard Montoya. Intelatin's VOD pick of the month is Colombian film The Colors of the Mountains by Carlos César Arbeláez. Music performed by Fabiano do Nascimento.

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Additionally, in support of the opening of Water & Power in Los Angeles and New York City, Intelatin sat down with lead actor Nicholas Gonzalez to enjoy a dish of Jicama Salad at Mercado LA. Over the course of a two-hour Chef's Table prepared by Jose Acevedo, Nicholas recounted his life story to Sergio C. Munoz. Once the transcript for the interview was arranged, Sergio at Intelatin wanted to find a way to tell the story in a unique fashion so he commissioned a puppet named Paco to re-tell the story. Here is the life story of Nicholas Gonzalez as told by Paco at Intelatin. Enjoy: