TropicalFRONT Reports from DOC Buenos Aires

By Richard Shpuntoff

DOC Buenos Aires closed out its 13th Documentary Co-Production Forum this evening giving important production awards to a number of films that participated in its competitive pitching session. The Forum, held within the framework of the Ventana Sur film market, co-organized by the Marché du Film of the Cannes Festival and the Argentine National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), focused on ten projects representing nine Latin American nations.

In preparation for the pitching sessions, filmmakers and producers spent two days working in mentoring sessions that were run by Carmen Guarini of DocBuenosAires and José Rodríguez Morales of the Tribeca Film Institute.

The Arte International Award of 3,000 euros, given to the "most creative project," went to the Argentine David Rubio’s The Torres Broders and the Amaranto Bombs (Los Torres broders y las bombas de amaranto, about a small village’s fight against a transgenic soy agribusiness. Andrés Habegger’s The (im)possible oblivion (El (im)possible olvido), an Argentine-Brazilian-Mexican co-production, about the director’s relationship with his father who was disappeared by the military junta in Brazil in 1978, won a cash award of 10,000 Argentine pesos from DAC, the Association of Argentine Cinematographic Directors. Never Better (La flor de la vida), an Uruguayan film about the life stories of six people who are all around 80 years old, by Claudia Abend and Adriana Loeff won the Full Dimensional Award for digital finishing with an encrypted DCP.