Two Brazilian Films Competing for Rotterdam's Tiger Award


As LatAm Cinema reports, the Rotterdam Film Festival has announced its full lineup for its 43rd edition, which includes two Brazilian titles competing for the festival's main prize the Tiger Award, given to first or second feature film: Riocorrente / Riverrun (pictured left) by Paulo Sacramento and Casa Grande (pictured below right) by Fellipe Barbosa.

Sacramento's film is as a film like a pressure cooker. The São Paulo metropolis seems to be about to explode in this energetic and urgent fiction debut. Everything is set in irreversible motion when a woman is torn apart by a variety of desires for two very different men. Casa Grande, the first fiction feature by  Barbosa provides a sharply drawn authentic picture of 17-year old Jean growing up among the Rio’s wealthy upper class. While Jean tries to escape his overbearing parents, they in turn try to hide their financial problems from him. Starring a mix of TV stars and non-professional actors, the coming of age drama addresses themes such as class differences and racism. 

In the Bright Future section of the festival, dedicated to emerging filmmakers, several Latin American titles will participate including Mexican films Las Voces by Carlos Armella, and Acerca de Sarah by Elisa Miller; Argentinean films Tres D by Rosendo Ruiz and El día trajo la oscuridad by Martín Desalvo; Brazilian films A história da eternidade by Camilo Cavalcante and Depois da chuva by Cláudio Marques and Marília Hughes; Cuban film Hotel Nueva Isla by Irene Gutiérrez and Javier Labrador; and the Uruguayan film El lugar del hijo by Manolo Nieto. Additionally the U.S.-Mexico production Eden by Elise DuRant and the U.S./Mexico/France/Island production L for Leisure by Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn, will also be featured.

The Spectrum Section, featuring highlights from the international festival circuit and other impressive and contemporary works will feature Argentinean film Reimon, the most recent film by Rodrigo Moreno; Chilean film Matar a un hombre by Alejandro Fernández Almendras; Brazilian film Periscópio by Kiko Goifman; the Paraguayan film Costa Dulce by Enrique Collar; the Peruvian film Regreso al templo del sol by Marco Pando. Additionally the Italian-Brazilian co-production Blood in Bahia's Hot by Italian director Aurelio Grimaldi will also be screened.

The 34rd annual Rotterdam Film Festival will take place January 22 - February 2 in the Netherlands.