Two Latino-Themed Films by Non-Latino Directors are Awarded Cinereach Grants

Cinereach, the New York-based non-profit film production company and foundation, announced today the grantees for its winter cycle. Amongst the 13 projects selected, over a thousand applications from more than 70 countries, were two Latino-themed projects directed by non-Latin American filmmakers: Jeff and Michael Zimbalist's fiction project The Scribe of Uraba and Shaul Schwarz' documentary film Narco Cultura (pictured).

Jeff and Michael Zimbalist's new project The Scribe of Uraba is described as an "international political thriller based on explosive, real events," and tells the story of two women,  a 14-year-old Colombian girl whose union-working father is murdered, and a public relations executive who works for the accused corporation. Jeff and Michael Zimbalist's credits include the documentary films Favela Rising and more recently The Two Escobars.  Shaul Schwarz, a New York-based Israeli photographer, photojournalist and filmmaker who began his career as a photographer in the Israeli Air Force, received support for his non-fiction Narco Cultura. A documentary that explores a "phenomenon blurring the lines between war and entertainment, and examines the cultural influences created by the cartels." The project is currenlty in production. Each of the 13 selected projects will receive $400,000 in funds.