Year in Review: The Top Grossing Latin American Films of 2015

2015 saw the continuation of the growth of the box office in several Latin American countries, some of which witnessed some record-breaking films such a Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, and Venezuela. Check out the list of the top grossing Latin American films in 15 countries:


The big news at the Argentinean box office in 2015 was Pablo Trapero’s crime drama El clan / The Clan. The film broke all-time records in its opening weekend at the local box office surpassing last year’s Relatos Wild Tales by Damian Szifron. The Argentinean candidate to the Oscars was seen by 2.6 million spectators locally and was sold to numerous territories worldwide. It will open in U.S. in February this year by the hand of 20th Century Fox. Starring Guillermo Francella, The Clan is based on the true story of a patriarch who presides over a seemingly normal middle-class family that trafficked in the kidnapping, ransoming and murder of the wealthy.


The epic movie Boquerón by Tonchy Antezana was the top grossing Bolivian film of 2015. The film tells the story of four young Bolivians from different social classes and regions, that defend Boquerón-a disputed territory between Bolivia and Paraguay- during a battle in 1932. The film was seen by 21,000 people.


The comedy Loucas pra Casar by Roberto Santucci was the most popular movie in Brazil as it was seen by 3.7 million people. Starring Ingrid Guimarães, Tatá Werneck and Suzana Pires, the film follows Malu, a 40 year-old woman who works as a secretary for Samuel, the man of her life. As they’ve been together for three years, she impatiently waits for marriage proposal. Brazil saw an increase in the local box office, as it had 166 million spectators, 7% more than in 2014.


The drama El bosque de Karadima by Matías Lira was the most popular Chilean film of the year. Based on the sexual abuse by priest Fernando Karadima between the 1980s and 2000, the film stars Benjamín Vicuna and Pedro Campos. It was seen by 312,000 people in its theatrical run, and it inspired a television series based on its success.


The highest grossing Colombian film at the local box office was the documentary film Colombia, magia salvaje / Colombia, Wild Magic directed by the British filmmaker Mike Slee. The movie, a journey through all the corners of the South American country showcasing its unparalleled diversity and natural splendor, was seen by 2.2 million people in its local theatrical run. The sequel comedy movie Uno al año no hace daño 2 by Juan Camilo Pinzón was just released on Christmas day and it’s very likely that it will become the top grossing Colombian film of 2016, as it topped Star Wars at the local box office.

Costa Rica

Miguel Gómez’s Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido became the highest grossing film ever in Costa Rica with 772,000 spectators. The film was released on December 18, 2014 but continued to roar at the local box office during the first half of this year. Starring Mario Chacón as the title character of Maikol Yordan, and produced by the comedy troupe La Media Docena, the film follows a humble, good-natured man whose greatest desire is to get a job that will help raise his family, composed of eight children and his wife. At the risk of losing his farm, he desperately starts looking for a job to no success. When he's about to loose his land to the evil Malavassi (played by Mexican comedian Adal Ramones), a radio contest offering a trip to Europe as its top prize will change his fate.

Dominican Republic

The comedy film Tubérculo gourmet by Archie López was the top grossing Dominican film of the year. It tells the story of Tubérculo and Tirson, who have been childhood friends, but their relationship abruptly ends because of a misunderstanding. Twenty years and lots of food after, an unexpected circumstance brings them together, but both will try everything not forgive each other.


Ixcanul by Jayro Bustamante was the most popular Guatemalan film of the year with 26,000 spectators in its local theatrical run. The film, winner of the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer prize at the Berlin film festival tell the story of Maria, a Mayan teenager who lives and works with her parents on a coffee plantation on the foothills of an active volcano. Although she dreams of going to the big city, Maya’s condition as an indigenous woman does not permit her to change her destiny – and an arranged wedding is waiting for her. When a snake bite forces her to go out into the modern world, her life is saved — but at steep price. The film will be released in U.S. theaters this spring by Kino Lobber.


The Christmas comedy Una loca navidad catracha by Carlos Membreo and Gerson Ortega was the top grossing Honduran film in 2015. The movie was seen by over 90,000 people.


The top grossing in Mexico was the animated film Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos by Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio -the third and last part of a trilogy composed by Una Película de Huevos (2006) and Otra Película de Huevos y un Pollo (2009). The film earned the equivalent of approximately $9.7 million USD and was seen by 4.1 million people. Those impressive numbers made the animated film become one of the top grossing Mexican films of all-time. Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos was also released in the United States by Pantalion earning almost as much money in the American box office.


The comic morality tale Kenke by Enrique Pérez Him was the favorite Panamanian film at the local box office. Kenke (a popular term for marihuana in the Central American country) tells the story of Joshua, a successful young professional, who accepts his family’s challenge to draw his cousin away from marijuana. Yet nobody knows that he is also a heavy user. Together, Joshua and Kenny, face a society governed by double standards and other addictions.


In Paraguay, the biopic Mangoré por amor al arte by Chilean director Luis Vera was the top grossing local film at the box office. The film, starring by Mexican actor Damián Alcázar is based on the life of famed guitarist Agustín Barrios Manger. The film was seen by over 11,000 people in Paraguay.


Comedian Carlos Alcántara remains at the top of the box office in Peru. Not only he starred in the most popular film of the year for the third time in a row, but his most recent film Asu Mare 2 became the highest grossing Peruvian film of all time. The sequel movie directed by Ricardo Maldonado had been seen by 3 million people in the South American country landing in the number one spot of the local box office surpassing Fast and Furious 7, The Avengers and Minions.


German Tejeira’s Una noche sin luna / A Moonless Night topped the box office as the most popular Uruguayan film of the year. The film, which was seen by 7,000 people, follows three lonely people who travel who to a small town in the Uruguayan countryside on New Year's Eve, to get a chance to turn around their destiny.


In Venezuela, the film Fuera del aire by Héctor Palma and Antonio Martín made the headlines by becoming the highest grossing Venezuela documentary in the history of the country having been seen by 280,000 people. The film documents the last days of the popular late night show Chataing TV hosted by Luis Chatting, which was pulled off the air reportedly by political pressure.